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Information + Advice = Solutions is designed to improve your of understanding of Long Term Care and to simplify the process of buying Long Term Care insurance.

Information on Long Term Care Insurance:

We offer industry-leading educational material that will help you better understand the nature and complexities of elder-care; including the impact that care giving has on the physical, emotional and financial well-being of family members.


With over twenty years experience helping people find solutions to their Long Term Care needs, we have learned an important lesson: information alone isn't enough. Just as with taxes, investments and legal matters, self-study only gets us so far. Most people want to talk with experts who specialize in their field, who can accurately answer questions, who can assess the unique needs of each client, and who can recommend solutions that are appropriate and affordable.


That is what we do. We are committed to helping you become an informed consumer. If you are interested in purchasing Long Term Care insurance, we will connect you with a licensed Long Term Care Agent who will answer your questions, assess your needs and offer advice in an understandable manner. Their goal is to make sure you get the right policy at the best price. They will make planning for your Long Term Care needs an easy and enjoyable process.

We are here to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call today.


You can also reach us by completing the contact form online. is currently for sale. For more information contact Sarjil Saleem 

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