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Long Term Care: For Your Family, Not For You!

Posted by LTC Staff
LTC Staff
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on Sunday, 04 March 2012
in LTC Insurance

When discussing Long Term Care insurance with adults, it is not unusual to hear comments like, “I doubt I will ever be in nursing home,” or “no one in my family has ever needed Long Term Care,” or even “if I ever come to that point, I will have someone in my family shoot me.” The variations on this theme are numerous, but the underlying message is clear. Few of us believe that bad things will happen to us; bad things only happen to the other guy. Human nature powerfully insulates us from seriously contemplating the reality that most of us will eventually become frail and unable to care for ourselves independently. Or that we might have a stroke, a disastrous accident, or be diagnosed with a chronic and debilitating disease. Statistical risk data seems to become irrelevant when it comes to our personal future.

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